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Viewers of our show often ask what they can do to make a difference in the issues we talk about.  We love this question and are firm believers that when we all get involved in the issues shaping our communities and nation, great things happen!

No matter what the issue, there are normally a few key things you can do to make a difference.



We can always pray.  The following are a few national prayer ministries that you can join with.

TheCRY Movement - A national prayer movement that gathers believers nationwide for prayer and fasting gatherings.  Events are both online and on location.


Justice Wall - A virtual prayer wall for justice issues.  Participants sign up for a minimum of 15 minutes a week on the topic of their choice. Visit


National House of Prayer (NHOP) - NHOP is on location in Ottawa and receive teams from churches across Canada for a full week to pray for our Parliament. Visit


Red Leaf Prayer (RLP) - RLP is a national prayer network of people who gather multiple times through the week to pray via conference call for national needs.  Visit


Join The Campaign - We Don't Want To See It 



For it to be illegal for Canadians of any age to be exposed to porn without their consent. We can do this through prayer and communication with large companies and our national leaders.


For more information visit the website: www.wedontwanttosee​.ca



Many of the issues that we talk about on the show are ones that you can contact our elected officials to ask them to take action on.  


Elected officials have told us that for every 1 phone call or e-mail that they receive on an issue they assume there are about 1000 people in their riding that have the same view.  




It really makes a difference.


FEDERAL: Click here to find your Member of Parliament and send them an e-mail.


PROVINCIAL: To find your provincial elected official simply Google your province and legislature.  If you have trouble most Legislative Assemblies have a general help line and they would be happy to serve you.



One person is a voice but together we can be a force for good in Canada.  


If you feel the issues we talk about on any of the shows are important, please share them with your family and friends by posting them on your social media or by simply letting your family know about them.


Visit the Home page on this site ( or our YouTube channel here for videos on any of the shows that we have already broadcast.



Please consider becoming a monthly partner or making a donation so that we can continue to make and air these programs across Canada.  Click here to donate now.




If you would like to sign up for e-mail list please click here.

Following is a list of some organizations that have been represented on the show.  Please take a moment to check out their good work, connect with them, pray for them and support them.

Abortion Harassment, Bullying & Crisis Pregnancy Support


Back to Life Canada, Victoria Martin & Toyin Crandell

CAPSS, Dr. Laura Lewis


Antisemitism & Racism

B'Nai Brith, Michael Mostyn


Arctic Word (Inuit)

Arctic Hope Project, Steven Carlton & Bill Prankard


Child Poverty in Canada

Bee Me Kidz, Bryan Elliot

Crisis Pregnancy Support


CAPSS, Dr. Laura Lewis, Laura Klassen

Doctor Conscience Rights

Christian Medical and Dental Society, Dr. Michelle Korvemaker


First Nations Suicide & Issues

I Am Compelled, Crystal Lavallee


Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Christine Van Geyn


Freedom, Human Rights & Immigration

One Free World International, Rev. Majed El Shafie


Human Trafficking

Joy Smith Foundation, Joy Smith

Brave Project, Danielle Strickland


Bayridge Counselling Services, Psychotherapist Mark Laing

Over 18 Documentary

Fight The New Drug

Sex Curriculum

PEACE Ontario, Phil Lees

PAFE, Tanya Granic Allen

National Transformation


Transformation Canada, Derk Maat

Thank you for taking prayerful and intentional action.  You are a blessing to our nation!

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